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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  November 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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fog gone it. it's tough to see out there, creating dangerous driving conditions. find out when it will be gone. changes in the air? what the tsa has to say with the controversial patdowns and what you can expect if you're traveling thisweek. down but not out. redsns were hurting after player after player after player went to the sideline with injuries. the team was tough enough to take down the titans in overtime. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> i'm joe krebs on the 22nd of november. let's take a live look utside. the white house in a bit of fog as you can see. 49 degrees. you can see the flags flying above the white hou in the spotlight. looks nice. >> maybe things are clearing. >> it's patchy. as you poke your head out the door this morning you will probably notice some fogn your neighborhood and may even a little patchy drizzle. some of the area roads and streets are wet from patchy fog. it's not widespread.
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it's chilly, too. generally in the 40s throughout most of the area, except shenandoah valley west. these arehe latest visibilies in mis. it's down to a mile or less in washington and across many of the rural areas it's down to a quarter mile. chilly. mid-30s there. eastern shore, 40 degrees. view from spacehowing a clear sky. we'll have incrossing sunshine. warming into the 50s by noon time, 606789 by midafternoon, low 60s. sunrise, 6:58. a little less than an hour away. sunset, 4:50. a look at tuesday, wednesday and thanksgiving in ten minutes. here we go. interstate 66, no accidents or incidents. we're beginning to load up seral streps, manassas, fair oaks, east of route 50, vienna. visibility a little bit down
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over here so bear that in mind. making the drive on i-270 out of frederick to germantown, gaithersbu gaithersburg. didn't see any road work nortound. suitland parkway, that accident should be out of the travel portion of the roadway. check the train and see how we're doing. metro and vre, doing fine. marc penn 401 and 403 delayed ten minutes each. eun. >> jerrythank you. as thousands of travelersget ready to head to the airport, don't look for an end to the invasive security patdowns. but they'll at least be closely monitored. megan mcgrath is live this morning with the debate. megan, good morning. >> good morning, eun. we're starting toee travelers heading out of town for the holiday. there are quite a few people leaving for the holiday. we're expecting this to be a
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very busy week at the airports. for a lot of folks this is the first time they have experienc the security procedures. the body scans and more intense physical patdowns. there are concerns about how this will affect the security line. it may slow things down during a very busy period. the head of the tsa is asking for cooperation. the tsa will try to make the screening procedures as minimally invasive as possible. several travelers head out of town. this will be their first with security procedures and gets getting mixed reviews. >> i think it's a little invasive. security is necessary in today's world. but i think we can do it electronically rather than physical contact. >> yu know, i think anything to keep us safe i'm all for. i would rather be safe and worry about a body scan. >> and some are calling for a
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boycott on the wednesday before thanksgiving urging people to t for the pat-down in an effort to slow down the security lines. we're going into a very busy holiday travel period. we're just ging to have to wait to see how this impacts people and their ability to get past security rather and get to the gates. could be rather interesting. >> a boycott could slow things down significantly. thanks so much. a maryland family is trying to cope with the loss of a father killed in a crash. he was a passenger in an suv hit head on on cherry hill road silver spring saturday. the incident bega less than a mile away at ihop where they were responding to a domestic dispute. police say they were following his van when the driver swerved into oncoming traffic killing 46-year-old terrence blckwell.
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his girlfriend and two adult children were injured along with the baby in the other car. family members question whether police could have prevented the crash. >> my question is why the pursuit in such a residential area? why did this occur? >> we're not saying a pursuit occurred. we're saying this officer activated his lights and sirens in an attempt to g this vehicle to stop >>olice say they're still investigating the crash including speeds and other factors that led up to it. detectives have not said exactly at charges he may face. a man is in jail charged with stabbing a prince george's county police officer. it happened outside a latino accident in hyattsville. milton salvador pushed a security guard who was trying to escort him outside. when they tried to arrest him, salvador stand the officer with
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a large folding knife. he faces several counts, including attempted murder. jurors will return to the courtroom today for a fourth day of deliberation one of the murder counts requires that jurors find levy was assaulted before her death. it took a "titanic" effort to get a win on the road, but the redskins were able to eek one out er the titans yesterday. the 19-16 win came at a cost, however. nine redskins had to leave the game with injuries. in the end it came down to a 48-yard kick from ganeat. the win showed major heartand a complete team effort. >> after getting embarrassed monday night, coming to tennessee, played a great game.
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you played team ball. it just showed the team recovered. there was no one iividual standout in this game. it was a whole team effort. that showed the recovery of guys and able to get back out. >> unfortunately portis was one of the nine to get hurt. he reinjured his groin and left the game. they will be at home nexteek to host the stumbling vikings. >> skins are stumbling a bit. hope they can get repaired and get rest before next sunday. rough week. mail cao bomb plot just beginng. inside look at al qaeda and what they have next. plus, she is taking over for michelle rhee. our jim vance sits dn with interim chancellor kaia henderson. >> we have fog and mist and drizzle out there.
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49 degrees. everything you love about
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still to come, a big week for prince william. now
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it's that time of year again when we collect donations for foodor families. this helps thousds of local families have a thanksgiving
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dinner. and we have volunteers standing by to take yur donation 202-885-4949. give those guys somethinto do. >> we will be outside the verizon center all day collecting nonperishable food items. we hope you st by. it's a great cause. indeed. let's take a look outside right now. we have a lot of fog behind us. you can still see the beautiful picture of the capitol dome. that looks like national airport. >> how do you know? hard to tell. it is. it is rather foggy right now. visibility is about a mile or less right at reagan national. we might hav flight arrival problems this morning because of patchyfog. it's chilly. we're in the 40s throughout much of the region. and we have the latest sibilities in miles here. it's down to about minimum
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quarter mile in the rural areas. patchy drizzle, patchy fog. not widespread. sun breaking back. later this afternoon it should make it to the low 60s. a bit milder with increasing clouds and a front coming through likely triggering some showers. wednesday, big getaway day, partly cloudy and chilly. thanks givingday, looking wet in the afternoon with showers and chilly, low 50s. friday, saturday, sunday. jerry, how is the traffic? >> deali with slick roadways as evenced by this. car went off the roadway into the ditch. northbound g.w.parkway. inner loop just off the american legion bridge. just going to have to take it cautiously, please. fire and rescue crews on the scene now. let's head over and take a look and see how we're doing elsewhere. right side of the outer loop. left side of the inner loop looks good. still doing okay. tro and vre are okay.
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marc, 503, eight minutes behind schedule. >> no extra crge. thank you,jerry. it is not because of thanksgiving. coming up, why a school system has a few extra days off >> get ready to har and see a lot of sarah palin this week. why one says she should stay in alaska. the new threat from al eda. a giant
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in just a few minutes, d.c. schools chancellor,
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al qaeda is bragging about a recent mail bomb plot in which explosives were planted on two cargo flights. that attempt is a pt of any terrorism plot to disrupt our economy. >> reporter: good morning, eu nvmt al qaeda affilted magazine calls is new approach operation hem mablg raj. it was not to kill more than the plane's pilo and co-pilot. it took three men and six months to hatch. it was to force the u.s. and euro to spend billions of dollars on security measures. two mobile phones at $150 each, two printers at $300 each, plus shipping added to a bill of just $4,200. the magazine boasts that's all operation hemorrhage cost us.
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the magazine reports that the strategy to attack the enemy was not large, spectacular offenses but with smaller, more frequent operations. the strategy of a thousand cuts with the aimof leading to deal. eu back to you. >> kimberly, thank you. a bailout for a cash-strapped country could affect trading around the world today. european union and international monetary fd agreed to lend $140 million combined to ireland. ireland's finance manager said it calls for state-backed banks to trim eir operations, merge or be sold. oil prices in europe rose and most asian stock markets open
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higher. startingoday, teachers in loudon county are enjoying an extended thanksgiving break. all county schools are closed both today and tomorrow as a result of a furlough. the school board decided to use these as necessary furlough day after surveying staff. 30% prefer to have the days leading up to anksgiving hole day. it will help ease the budget crisis by saving $4.4 million. the interim superintendent of the d.c. school system who took over for michelle rhee next month. now henderson is trying to fill those shoes after th many drastic changes. she recently sat down with jim vance to talk about her expectations. >> my high expectations come out of my experien. i came from a family that was very much like the students that we serve. my fe's chances were chamged because my mother had a good public education and i had a good public education. and i know for sure if we're able to provide that to children in d.c. their life outcomes will
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change. i feel like it didn't take d.c.p. 15 minutes to sink. and so it's not going to take 15 minutes to fix it. >> are you impatient? and if so is that an asset or liability? >> i am impatient. and the reason i'm impatient is because we have children in our classrooms every single day. i go home to a 4-year-old and a 14-year-old, and every day that they don't have excellent teachers they are losing ground. so i'm impatient becausef that. i feel like parents all over the city have the same sense of impatience. and i've got to honor that. >> a lot of peoplexpect a lot from you. curious to know if fear of failure is part of your consciousness? >> fear of failure? sure. in that this is the thing that fuels my sense of urgerurgency, right? if we don't do it well.
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i have a sense of responsibilitythat this is doable. i'm not afraid. i'm not afraid to make mistakes. in fact, i feel like we have made some miskes. that's life. but part of the problem with turning around big bureaucracies is a failure to be nimble. you have to try new things a you've got to figure out quickly. if they're working, go with them. if not, abandon them. andwe brought a different level to d.c.p.s. >> she is confident she and vincent gray are on the same page. they want the same thing, they just need to figure out how to make it all happen. >> nair to being a newly engaged royal, prince william also being hailed a hero. the british media is reporting that william was involved in a helicopter mission that saved a man's life. he was part of a four-member
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search team that rescued a man with a heart attack in the mountains. he is an air force helicopter pilot based in north wales >> meeting your new in-laws if they're your grandparents-in-law. >> the folks at "saturday night live" had a little fun. >> your majesty, william and i are walking on air. it's so brilliant and exciting. >> shut ! >> what? >> i said shut your mouth. >> well, if you've got to be part of the family you have to know the rules. >> i'm not talking salad forks. this is not the princess diars. >> a tough couple to try to play. >> i can only imagine. oh, boy. all right, tom. tell us about the forecast.
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>> we have a little bit of patchy fog and drizzle this monday morning. watch out for pedestrians and students as we have reduced visibilities due to fog. and mist fall from the low clouds. 30s shenandoah valley west. 40 et. later today, sunshinereaking out. should make it intohe low 60s. partly cloudy tonight. increasing clouds tomorrow. rain possible tomorrow afternoon. should be dry no it appears. highs only near 50. showers on thanksgiving day mainly in the afternoon. highs low 50s. chance of showers friday. how is traffic now, jerry? we're doing pretty well. we showed you the ramp from the g.w. parkway. lanes reopened. good news there. see if that good news continues on the top side of the belt way. new hampshire avue just now beginning to see a few brake
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lights development a little lighter than normal. metro, vre, no delays. brunswick 870, some delays. why prident obama's motorcade was the talk of europe. and sarah palin's new book doesn't hit until tomorrow but it's already causing controversy. >> 6:23, 49 degrees. why one bank wants you to start re
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>> up next, the controversy surrounding president obama's motorcade during his trip to europe over th
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president obama is taking some fla over his ride in portugal. was there this weekend attending the nato summit. journalists pointed out he got around in an eight ton dies fueled limousine nicknamed the beast. it travels with him around the world. others used zero emissions to get around. features include a special phone and the gas tank used to extinguish a possible fire >> former republican vice president sarah palin is coming out with a new book and it's already containing a buzz. a blogger released excerpts. a federal judge ordered the blogger to remove the leaked
6:27 am
pages over the weekend. examine the excerpts were first released they tweeted isn't that illegal. the book hits stands tomorrow. >> what you will read about sarah palin? >> i sat next to her once. i thought she was beautiful. i think she's very happy in alaska and i hope she'll stay there. >> no mincing words there. former first lady barbara bush gave her opinion duri a pretaped interview. with her husband by cnn's larry king set to air tonight. this zinger about sarah palin comes just after former president george herbert walker bush answered questions about the tea party.
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extra security at one local high school following two recent stabbings, including one which killed 15i-year-old. our time 6:27, 49 degrees. a lot of fog and drizzle around the region. weather and traffic together on the ones next. the saying "easy as pie," i get it now. just unroll it, fill, top, bake, and present. that must have taken you forever! it was realltough. make a pie with pillsbury tight. try crescent wrapped brie. just unroll it, wrap the be, bake, and present. that looks really delicious! and so easy. for this recipe and more, visit
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heightened security. gang violence in a local community ta resultedin two stabbings and the death of a teener. airport and security. the head of the tsa agrees with passengers who are uncomfortable with the new airport security procedures. so is a change in the works? dporng. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. monday, november 22nd, 2010. a live look outside at 6:30. it's 48 degrees. capital dome looks spooky. you can barely see the top of it
6:31 am
and that's because of the fog in the region. tom is here to tell us more about the forecast. >> many are planning a getaway day today. fog delays should not affect departing flights. incoming flights coulde delayed a little bit for the early ones this morng. we have patchy fog. a little bit of mist as well coming out of the low clouds around the region. adams morgan, oxen hill, restin, poolsville, 40s. the latest visibilities are down from a quarter to half a mile in the rural areas. 30s shenandoah. elsewhere, 40s for the most part. we have a few low clouds. a clear sky over the low clouds ought to allow sunshine to break out. low 60s by midafternoon. sunset, 4:50.
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a look at tuesday, wednesday, thanksgiving day in ten minutes. off we go. a sampling where we are loading up, hitting the brakes big time i-270. self long stretches from hyattstown, germantown, and points south. but no accidents. that's not the case on 66. a little clury. this is an accident 66 eastbound, manassas. at least one, possibly more travel lanes blocked. we'll talk to the folkst vdot is and see if we can get a better pictureor you. hay market and manassas is particularly tough because of this accident. new york venue, nothing out of the ordinary there. off tohe trains we go. metro and vre are okay. 405 and 503 and brunswick 892 are delays. eun. thank you, jerry. stepped up security and brief counselors at osbourne hi school in manassas this while a 15-year-old boy was murdered while walking home from school
6:33 am
on friday. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. police say this involved two rival gangs who hadeen having a dispute snce this past summer. with stabbings and also machete attack but at this point it has escalated to murder. 15-year-old osbourne high school freshman miguel hernandez was stabbed and killed on his way home from school on friday. police say he was walking with a group of friends when several teenagers pulledim aside, jumped him and held him as he was stabbed. he died several hours later in the hospital. 18-year-old mauricio hernandez, also an osbourne student, and 17-year-old, who has not been named, were both charged in connection with the murder. and saturday, grant avenue shopping center, a 19-ye-old was stabbed but survived. police say they believe his attack was connected to gang members in the 15-year-old victim. police have stepped up their trolling efforts there and here at the school.
6:34 am
they're asking anyone with formation on these attacks to give them a call. tracee wilkins live this morning in ma nas eun, ba to you in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. a couple walking home from dinner at a popular restaurant inhe district was brutally attacked. now people in the neighborhood where it happened are demanding changes. this attack happened wedsday night off u street between s and t streets. three armed n in ski masks attacked a woman who works as an au pair and her boyfriend. they kked and punched the two before robbing them. it was so traumatizing the au pair's employer said she left the d.c. area for good. >> she is traumatized. she's scared to sleep. every time she closes her eyes she sees these three men. and this act of violence that lasted about five minutes i think is going to follow her the rest of her life. >> neibors say the alley used to have a guard station nearby but he was let go because of budget cuts. so far no arrests have been
6:35 am
made. the list of most dangerous cities is out and there are some surprises. the study looked at crime in all 400 major metropolitan areas across the area. topping the list as the most dangerous place in live in measurg is st. louis, missouri, followeby camden, new jersey. baltimore ranked 11th. d.c. came in 22nd. surprisingly, new york city didn't even crack the top 0. and for the second year in a row, colony, new york came in as the safest city in america. test sults could co back as soon as today to determine whether a jawbone found in aruba belongs to missing alabama teenager natalee holloway. a dutch newspaper reported tourists found the human bone near a hotel where she was staying. she disappeared back in 2005 dung a graduation trip to aruba. the prm suspect, jurn van der sloot has been arrested twice in
6:36 am
coection with her disappearance but has nevereen chard. he's currently in jail in peru facing murder charges of the death of another yng woman there. in new zealand, hope is fading that 29 trapped miners will make it out align. they acknowledged that the miners may not have survived the initial blast on friday. there is there h been no contact sense. a methane gas buildup may have beenhe cause of the explosion. rescuers hope to send a robot in today to monitor air quality. any zealand has one of the safest mining industries in the world. coming up, attention shoppers. don't wait for black friday. some of the shopping deals you'll see on thanksgiving day. also head, the redskins hurt but also felt so good. 49 degrees. fog and rain a drizzle outside. weather and traffic together on the ones next at 6:41.
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stillocome, hearing what the tsa has
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we here at nbc 4 are work to
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go provide a tnksgiving meal to thousands of local families, and you can help. we have volunteers standing by right now to take your donations by phone for our food for families campaign. the number to call is 202-885-4949. again, 202-885-4949. the mone raised will go towards providing thanksgiving dinners to families in our area. and we'll be outside the verizon center collecting nonperishable food donati. it is a messy day but a good day to go down and give a donation. a lot of fog around the region. ronald reagan national airport al socked in, gi eli guess. >> and there may be some arrival delays. if you plan on meeting somebod check with the airline this morning. a lot of people planning on traveling today. right now 50 in washington. suburbs, in the 40s. many areas from green belt to
6:41 am
foggy bottom, tons corner, lleytonsville, hyattsville, patchy fog and mist falling from the clouds. latest visibility dn to about a half a mile generally in the suburbs and in town about a mile. about a mile and a half near the bay. but in the easternhore area, east of the bay it's down to a quarter mile or less in a few locations. shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, down to a quarter mile. temperatures there chillier. later today with the sun coming back, low 60s. tomorrow, increasing clouds. into the mid-60s. wednesday, big getaway day. partlyloud y. highs near 50. looks like rain possible on thanksgiving in the afternoon. a look at friday, saturday, sunday at 6:51. tom, we are loading up and slowing down along several spots, including 395. north of duke street all thugh
6:42 am
lanes are open. inside the beltway looks like visibility is pretty decent. that is a hopeful sign. our loop, looks like delays begin after new hampshire avenue. i showed you how nice it was moving. well, times change. travel lanes are open. inner loop looks pretty good. that is good news. metro and vre, no delays. marc penn 403 and 503. and brunswick 872 and 892. 48 degrees, 6:42. how one church fought the fat and lost a collective 1 thaushgs 500 pounds. an important health alert. what the government wants you to do with cough and cold medicines for church. hints at change something controversial airport security procedures. what you can expect
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what a difference ate week makes.
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good morning and welcome back. this morning we're geing new inside into al qaeda's strategy. it all started last month when explosives were hidden in printer cartridges. inspire said the mission was called operation hemorrhage they said it cost $4200 and took less than three months to execute. al qaeda is promising more similar small-scale attacks that could disrupt the economy and not necessarily kill a lot of people. >> claims come as a privacy pick up ove iasive patdowns at the airport. more passengers will likely get a feel for the procedure this week as they travel for the thanksgiving holiday. megan mcgrath joins us ateagan naonal airport with a debate. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the wednesday before thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest tvelday. we're seeing quite a few people
6:46 am
getting a jump on the holiday. they're leaving town today. this will be the first time they have new security procedures. manyare concerned about what they're going to encounter at the security check points and how this will affect the security lines themselves, whether or not it will slow things down during the busy travel period. the head of the tsa is asking for cooperation is patience from avelers. they said the tsa will try to make the screening procedures as minimally invasive as possible. we have been talkingto travelers here at reagan national airport and they have mixed feelings about the new procedures. >> any problem with a full body scans. the patdowns aing are a little invasive. security is a necessary in today's world but i think we will with he do it electronically rather than physical contact. >> anything to keep us safe i'm all for. i would rather be safe than worry about a body scan. >> and the new procedures of
6:47 am
course are quite controversial. some are calling for a boycott of the full body scans on the wednesday before thanksgiving to try to slow things down at the security line. we're expecting things to continue to build in terms of the number of people coming to area airports as the week progresses. it will be interesting to see how all of this shakes out. for many folks itill be their first experience with these new procedures. eun, back to you. >> my began, thank you. and if you are driving this week, the price of gas so the rise. locally, the gas is averaging $2.99 in d.c. $2.87 in maryland. $2.77 in virginia. gasoline prices are continuing to rise nationwide as one of the biggest holidays approaches. national average is $2.87, about 23 cents higher than what americans paid last year.
6:48 am
jurors in the chandra levy will room to the courtroom for the fourth day of deliberations. on friday the jurors asked for the legal definition of "assault." ingmar guandique is facing two murder counts of the death of the washington intern. one of the counts requires jurors to find levy was assaulted before her death. the irs has nearly $5 million worth of refund checks for the district. they were returned because the wrong address was on file. the irs is hoping 4,300 people who did not get their refunds will correct their address information so their checks can be resent. just go to and click on the "where's my refund" tool. this morning we're monitoring world market response after emergency bailout in ireland. courtney, good morning. >> reporter: investors are breathing a sigh of relief after ireland agreed to a bailout. this is alleviating concerns
6:49 am
that the debt crisis, particularly could spread to other places. europe and othe countries could be exposed to losses in ireland. the bailout could total $130 billion. details will come out on wednesday. bank of america plans to roll out two-way text banking where customers will be able to move money to accounts and alerts by fraud by sending the pank text messages. the latestestis to create a full-flenled digital wallet by consumers. and more specis than ever. door gusters obusters out the door. kohl's, radio shack, macy's, jc penney will offer almost all deals on the web thursday. has discounts on nearly 150 items. when you're done eating, move over to the computer and start shopping. back to you, eun. >> the one way tovoid the
6:50 am
crowd. courtney, thank you. finally, some redemption for the redskins. maybe all it took was nationally embarrassment to get the skins ck on track and back to winning. the redskins beat the titans, 19-16 in overtime. it w true redemption from graham ganea. he had missed from 47 yards. and with nine skins leaving the game with injuries, head coach mike shanahan says it was a complete team effort. >> everybody has injuries. we don't normally talking about injuriesecause that' the nature of the national fooall league. as guys down down, guys step up. i've never had that many go down in a game. so really a credit to them and their character and the way they fought back. as i said, after the game. showed a lot of character. >> well, the skins maybe want to
6:51 am
lick their wounds and get much needed rest before they take on the vikings next sunday. >> all right. it's going to be a good test. 6:51. time for weather and traffic on the ones. >> out to work and school this monday morning. national airport there sort of lost in some fog. there may be some minor flight delays for arriving dplits at some of the area airports this morning due to the fog. right now national at 50 degrees. a light breeze. patchy fog and patchy mist arou the recently. it nearby suburbs in prince george's, arlington, fairfax, mopt goalry, in the upper 40s. into the mountains, into the
6:52 am
30s. last hour, zero visibility. martinsburg, quarter mile. so is haegerstown. half a mile in prince george's and calvert, charms,t. mary's as well. farther west, chilly this morning. mid-30s. around the bay, around 40 degrees this morning on the eastern shore and southeastern virginia, tidewater. we have a clear sky over this fog. as the fog dissipates we will likely see sunshine breaking out by later this morning. temperatures should jump into the low 60s by early afternoon. sunset 4:5 back down into the 50s tonight. we'll have that full moon trying to peek through the clouds. much chillier on the big getaway day on wednesday. right now it's looking dry. highs only around 50.
6:53 am
chilly and wet day on thanksgiving day. we could get showers on thank gafg g givi day and into the evening and on friday. sunny but chilly. how is traffic? >> we'll head over to northern virginia. 395 from the beltway through landmark, shirlington, not bad at all. 395 across the 14th street bridge, to shirlington, looks good. b.w. parkway south bound, green belt, look out for the remnants of a broken down truck. should be to the shoulder in a moment. no surprises so far down to the third street tunnel. out on the rails, metro and vre, still doing fine. penn 403 and 503 and brunswick 872 slightly delayed. eun. >> thank you, rry. today we will find out what vdot
6:54 am
crews will do differently this winter. officials say they have learned a lot from the two blizzard last year. the back-to-back snowstorms stretched resources to the max and it took a while to plow the roads and get people movg again. loudon county schools are closed because teachers and staff are on a furlough. the school board decided to use today and tomorrow as necessary furlough days after surveying the staff. 30% prefer to have the delays leading up to thanksgiving hole day. it will help ease the budget crisis by saving $4.4 million. warning to parents. remember to throw out old bottles of cough syrup and keep them where your children can't reach them. most of the kids who end up in the emergency room with bad reactions to cough syrup have gotten a hold ofhe medicine while parents were looking.
6:55 am
the study is in monday's journal of the pediatrics. a church with a big weight loss goal. this morning they are quite a bit leaner. and they are celebrating. members of the soul factory church just finished their 90-day weight loss challenge. they lost a collective 1,500 pounds. the pastor himself dropped 35 pounds with regular exercise and raw diet. he said the congregation got their health, bodies and relationships all in order. >> i lost 300 pounds in otional weight because i would eat when i was stressed. because i did this mandate, things changed. my body changed. and so the emotional weight came off. my relionship with my wife improved. beuse i was now focused more on just making myself the best i could be, and she did e same
6:56 am
thing. >> the church celebrated its accomplishment by giving turkey dinners to 200 needy families. congratulations to all of them. just in time for the holidays >> 6:55. kimberly has'sop stories. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, joe. this morning stepped-up security as well as ief counselors at osbourne high school in manassas. 15-year-old osbourne high school freshman miguel hernandez was stabbed and killed on his way home from school on friday. sarah palin coming out with a new book tomorrow. but a blogger leaked excerpts titled "america by heart, reflectis on family, faith and flag." palin tweeted, isn't that illegal? a federal judge says, yes, it is and ordered the blogger to remove those pages. ingmar guandique facing two murder counts in the death of the washington salesperson. traveling by plane this
6:57 am
thanksgiving, preparing for a personal pat-down. tsa head says the program is evolving, hinting there may be room for adjustments. tsa and airlines will have extra staffi staffing. joe and eun, back to you. that will causality of frustration if that happens. startling new numbers. 50 million americans don'tave access to good, nutritious meals. we here at nbc 4 want to make sure we're doing our part to help the people in our area, especially on thanksgiving. we're hosting once again our food for families drive. news 4's pat lawson muse is outside. good morning, t. >> reporter: good morning, joe. and already the donations have come in. let's take you right to the bins. you can see people got up brit and early to come down androp off nonperishable food.
6:58 am
all ov the washington area people are thawing turkeys and getting fixings ready for thanksgiving feast. a lot of folkson't have dinner but for food fo families. we'll be here all day long taking your donations. we have partners working with us. we have the wizards cheerleaders to keep our spirits up we've got our partners, radio 1. the washington informer. safeway. boys and girls club. metropolitan, courtyard by marriott. and these families, there are thousands of families we're shooting for. >> thousands we have committed already to provide a thanksgiving basket to. we definitely need your help mo than ever. >> you'll be helping to collect and stuff those baskets. >> absolutely. we need your dollars your checks, and your nonperishable
6:59 am
cans so we can make that commitment and have these families have a happy thanksgiving meal. >> we will work real hard today. there are a number of ways you can donate. you can come down here and see us. we will be at the verizon center. we take credit card and check donations. call the phone call. our volunteers are standing by to take your call at 202-885-4949. or go on line to and make your donations there. we're count counting on you and thousands of families are counting on you as well. back to you. >> all right, pat. thanks. once again, wonderful job. thank you so much. >> we'll be therentil 6:00 collecting food. please come out. and tom is here now to take a look at our forecast. >> patchy fog on this early monday morning. right now at dawn temperatures are generally in the 40s to near 50. as the day progresses, we'll get sunshine breaking out. and then partly cloudy tonight. in the 40s tomorrow. maybe in tomorrow afternoon. jerry, traffic. >> all right, tom, quick check, 395 lanes are open.


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